You come from a highly-civilized people. Welcome back!  You were lost but are well on return.  We inhabited this earth long before modern man states in his history.  We’ve witnessed the freeze & thaw throughout multiple ice ages, shifting of continents unimaginable natural disasters, species extinctions & evolutions.  We’ve discovered, buried, rediscovered & awaken the masses to our greatness.  There is nothing left for us to experience here.  There is nothing new under the sun except that which has been forgotten.  We’ve taken humanity to heights that would puzzle so called health enthusiast, psychologist, scientist & modern day subject matter experts.  Your advanced technology is not worthy of a child’s toy.  We live through a select few who have opened up & lifted the veil. It is done.  The torch has been passed.  Ascension is eminent; until then, sleep.  Let them be amazed, astounded, entertained &/or depressed.  It does not matter.  You, my star, have risen to heights that only glimmer in the night’s sky.  Now, you must descend to depths of infinite measure.  THY-BARA



maxresdefaultIt’s been approximately four years since I’ve rediscovered Occult sciences and knowledge of self. Internally I’ve changed tremendously in terms of perception, truth, eating habits, amongst other changes not listed here.  There have been some external changes as well.  My finances increased, my family has grown, new home and new career opportunities.  This blog summarizes these changes and attempts to find relationships between internal and external changes.

Internal Changes

It all started with a simple request; “Show me a sign”. From that point on it’s been trails, errors and breakthroughs.

  1. The most obvious change has been my eating habits. Giving up most meat and dairy products has aided my inner work by providing clarity, decreasing mind chatter and disease. You are what you eat.
  2. Reading helped overcome a lot of unknown indoctrination especially religion and historical events. Society does not promote reading, it’s too busy persuading you to buy the latest this or the newest that. At first I looked at finishing a book as an accomplishment. I conclude – I am the book.
  3. Meditation allows me time to enjoy the moment. It’s one of the most valuable tools to initiate change. I witness minutes last for hours and explore the darker side of myself.
  4. Journaling unveils trends and thought patterns over long periods of time. It’s interesting to go back a few years and see what you were thinking. It’s possible those same thoughts are the reason behind the current state. When dreams manifest you can refer to your journal for further interpretation.
  5. I am Affirmations and self-imposed subliminal programming allows me to reclaim power. We’re being bombarded by advertisements 24 hours a day. It’s about time we start advertising to ourselves. I spend a lot of time behind the computer so I downloaded Power Mind Subliminal – a subliminal image program that flashes images in the background while you work. The program allows the user to control the contrast, duration and position of the images. For example, I’m trying to lose weight. I may upload images of healthy food, exercise equipment, quotes, etc. to gear my subconscious mind towards weight lost. Subliminal programming is everywhere; movies, billboards, music, television and magazines.

External Changes  

  1. Over the last three years the most obvious result from giving up most meat and dairy has been weight lost and mental clarity. Energy never dies but transfers from one form to another. The terror in the slaughterhouse is stored in the meat and when you consume it your haunted by the thoughts of the animal. Not to mention all the hormones, deodorants, preservatives, tumors, cyst, puss, maggots, etc. you ingest. There have been multiple studies and documentaries on meat consumption. Popular titles include “What the Health” and the “China Study”. Ultimately, it doesn’t make sense to eat the meat of an animal who gains its strength from eating vegetables. Why not eat what the herbivore eats? There arguments that humans are omnivores and can eat both meat and vegetables. If that’s truth, then why must our meat be cooked and why does the lower intestine resemble the length of herbivores rather than carnivores? It’s your choice. Anything associated with business i.e. restaurants, fast food and grocery stores is only interested in one thing; increased quarterly profits at the consumer’s expense. Don’t be manipulated by a culture who considers hamburgers, fries and soft drinks food.
  2. Reading helps satisfy the intellect but if you’re not careful can lead to paralysis. I would read just to complete another book without thorough comprehension. I was eager to share facts about ancient history, spirituality, metaphysics, meditation, phycology; you name it. It made me feel like I was some type of subject matter expert and I could just walk around telling everyone what they should be doing. Books are a great resource that should be taken with a grain of salt. If it resonates with you take it, if not, leave it alone or come back to it in the future. Every book has an author. Every author has a view. Every view is filtered through a lens called the ego.
  3. I’ve become more of an observer with meditation. I sit back and take it all in as if I wasn’t there at all. I am everywhere. I am nothing.
  4. Journaling is cool especially when documenting breakthroughs. I suggest daily journal entries but sometimes there is nothing to journal about. Journals are very personal and I’ve considered destroying mines as a form of purification. I think about my daughters reading my journals thinking to themselves like “my dad was one crazy guy”.
  5. When I reach the point of undisturbed intensity things start to manifest themselves within about 90 days or so. Repetition, symbols and emotional trauma are ways to program your subconscious mind. Once this is accomplished you don’t have to think. The brain is flexible and the more you travel down a specific neuron pathway the stronger it becomes. A great book on physic ability is “Cyclomancy – The secret of physic power control” by Frank Rudolph Young.

In closing – we manifest reality and the moment you let outside entities (preachers, spiritual gurus, celebrities, politicians, etc.) or tools of influence (social media, sports, politics, television, food, news, etc.) take control, you’ve willingly given up your power to someone or something else. Everything starts and ends with you.



There is nothing new under the sun for black people (African people, people of color, melinated beings, Hue-mans, Negros, brown, red, blue, negroid, etc.) to experience on this realm called earth except that which has been forgotten.  We’ve mastered all aspects of the physical from building ancient societies, health and medicine, engineering, seamanship, agriculture, family structure and so on.  Today, these discoveries are accredited to others.  A popular rebuttal is “If Black people are so great then how were they conquered, enslaved and traded like chattel?”  Or, “If they’re so great they can’t get jobs, walk around killing each other and don’t honor their women.”  We’re all aware of the stereotypes portrayed in the media and it’s a personal choice whether you choose to accept them or not.  This is my metaphysical assessment of the current state of so called “black people”.

Per Universal law, the principle of rhythm states – “Everything flows, out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall; the pendulum swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates.” – The Kybalion. There is only one way to go once you’ve reached the mountain top and no matter how you descend, the distance traveled up is equivalent to the distance traveled down.  Black people are transcending from the physical realm and moving on to higher dimensions but first we must fall.  You’ve never seen someone do bad until you’ve seen a black person do bad.  We’re creative geniuses on both sides of the pendulum in the sense that we always seem to create new ways to fuck shit up.  Black people operate off autopilot; Automatons, carbon copies, mindless zombies who can’t seem to ascend beyond the lower three energy centers.  We’ve lost all identity with who we are, where we come from and what we’ve accomplished.  We’re a group of traumatized former slaves who yearn for the acceptance of the oppressor.  It’s sad when viewed from a humanitarian perspective but beautiful from metaphysicians.  This leads to the following questions; if black people are asleep then why are there black people that seem to be awake?  When I say awake I don’t just mean eyes open I mean a deadly dose of gnosis.  Brothers like Phil Valentine, Bobby Hemmitte and Azzaziel Ben Bay.  It reminds me of the theory of evolution.  If humans came from apes then why are there apes in the congo throwing shit at each other?  Did they miss the train or forget to RSVP for the genetic enhancement soiree?  Does higher dimensional transcendence require a small number of spiritually tuned individuals to open the gates for the masses?



What do you identify with and why do you identify with it?  This is a question I’ve pondered for the last few years while removing layer by layer of internal baggage.  Thus, I’m more lighthearted and try not to take life so serious all the time.  People identify with all types of things such as movie stars, athletes, professions, lifestyles, etc.  It’s a way of seeing our greatest version in the outside world.  Well, what happens when an identity is no longer serving your best interest?  How do you free yourself from an undesirable identity (identity crisis)?  Do you search feverishly for a new identity to adopt or is it possible to remain unidentifiable (I AM BLANK)?  These are some of the questions I’ll be diving into within the contents of this blog.

When your identity is no longer serving your best interest, you have two choices.  Either continue to fight against yourself or let go.  Let’s say I’ve identified myself as a person with a short fuse.  I grew up in a neighborhood where survival was a full-time job and developed a hard-outer shell to prevent from being victimized.  Over time and accumulated emotional trauma, I’m able to move to a more harmonious environment where I settle down with a wife and kids.  I’m very withdrawn and skeptical of everyone and am always prepared for the worst possible situation to happen at any given time.  I’m constantly on edge.  I haven’t been involved in an altercation in so long that I start to feel uncomfortable.  I look for opportunities to escalate out of proportion but it usually leads to awkwardness and problems at home.  Me and my family would be better off if I shed and/or modified my former identity.  But how?

There is a saying “fake it until you make it.”  I don’t know who said it or when it was said but it works.  Have you ever told a lie for so long that you started to think it was true?  In other words, if you continue to say or do something even though it may not be true, practice, repetition and training will eventually alter your beliefs.  This can be accomplished through daily affirmations, visualizations and a variety of esoteric techniques.  I’ve personally used these techniques to overcome an inferiority complex.  Without getting go scientific, the neuroplasticity of our brains can create new neuropathways which allows you to play the cards of your choice instead of the cards you’ve been dealt.  Each time you travel down the neuropathway it’s strengthened.  There is a great book describing the techniques called Cyclomancy – The Secret of Psychic Power Control by Frank Rudolph Young.

In closing our identities are nothing we should become attached to.  Our identity is nothing more than a survival mechanism and once it’s no longer serving our best interested should be modified or discarded.

LOVE DEATH Death to all and may all things eventually return from which they came. There is no need to fear death for it’s inevitable. Accept death and fall in love as a part of us dies every day. Living a life of deterioration is comforting knowing that eventually infinity escapes from its grotesque confines and has the opportunity to return to greatness. I feel heavy. Heavy in a sense that everything is weighing down on me keeping me in this dense configuration of flesh and bones. I wake up and have to stretch as my physical lay motionless through the night. Upon standing I feel stiffness in my joints and tread lightly as they return to normal. My nightly fast leaves me parched and the inside of my mouth feels like a fine grade of sandpaper. Mucus has accumulated in my chest cavity and I proceed to purge by inhaling violently through my nasal and exhaling in a gargling like fashion. The color varies. Normal evacuations are clearish-white; based on the prior nights indulgence, yellow and I’ve even experienced green. My point is our physical bodies are foul smelling, disgusting, shit-piss filled biological organisms covered with pimples, ingrown hairs, wrinkles, keloids, warts, blemishes, scabs and injury. Our bodies are so disgusting we depend on chemical products such as perfume, soap, deodorant and body sprays to mask natural odor. We don’t even want to smell human yet we’re infatuated with appearances. It’s not the prisoner’s responsibility to perform upgrades and modifications to the industrial structure that keeps him confined. The prisoner’s only objective is freedom. What did I do to get here in the first place? How do I escape? How do I make sure I never return here again? These are questions we must ask ourselves. For no BODY has the answer.


Quit doing

Why do anything?  Why blog?  Why post? Why speak? Why read?  Why write?  What’s the point of any of it?  Too stay competitive in an ultra-competitive society?  Too monetize ones expression?  Too display dominance and superiority over others?  To obtain a sense of satisfaction, accomplishment, pride?  This may sound extreme but why not just lie down and die.  Just give up.  When did quitting get such a bad reputation?  A quitter remains in control and maintains a certain level of freedom.  A loser comes up short and a winner follows the rules on an advanced level (work hard).  Quitters never win or lose and those who choose to play the game never quit; Duality by design.  What does an athlete usually do when she plays a game regardless of the outcome?  She continues to train, competes against the next competitor and this cycle continues until she retires.  What happens to the quitters?  The people who start an activity and for whatever reason back-back and eventually fade away?  What’s their story?  We’ve all quit at some time in our lives.  When I was 18 years old I dropped out of high school.  That’s right I quit going to school.  My mother made me enroll in summer school to make up a years’ worth of English and guess what, I quit that too.  I wasn’t going to an Ivy League school or some top ten university so I decided to get a GED.  It made more sense and required a lot less effort than going to school especially when most job/college applications require a high school diploma or GED.  Hell, I could have saved myself a few years had I quit going to school sooner. 

The entomology of quit states – c. 1200, “free, clear” (of debt, etc.), from Old French quite, quitte “free, clear, entire, at liberty; discharged; unmarried,” from Medieval Latin quitus, quittus, from Latin quietus “free” (in Medieval Latin “free from war, debts, etc.”), also “calm, resting” (see quiet (adj.)). – etymonline.com.  Based on the aforementioned, quitting doesn’t seem to be all that bad especially for those of us looking for a change.  Other than high school I’ve also quit dead end jobs, relationships, cigarettes, red meat, the list goes on.  Instead of playing the back and forth game of “some you win some you lose” adopt more of a quitter’s philosophy. 

More than meets the I

As a child I always knew there was more than meets the eye.  I remember as a teenager falling asleep on my back with my eyes open and floating out of my body observing the room.  Sometimes I would just stop what I was doing and be still.  At the time I didn’t know what I was discovering or why I had the sudden urge to pause.  Fast forward to 2014, I’m sitting on my living room couch and ask aloud “God show me a sign”, nothing happened of course.   I turned the television on and searched you tube for something to fill the void.  What I stumbled upon would shift my outlook on life.  Without dropping names I stumbled upon a life coach.  This particular life coach provided a book list which included The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization by Anthony Browder, The Art of Effortless Living: Discover Health, Emotional Well-Being, and Happiness by Ingrid Bacci, The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot and others.  I went on amazon ordered a book, started reading and haven’t stopped since.  Something inside of me was reactivated and there’s an insatiable thirst to know more about everything.

When I was eight years old I lost my father after he lost his bout with cancer.  He was 51.  My mother had “know thyself” inscribed on his tombstone.  I asked her why and she said he always talked about how important it is to know thyself.  For many years I never gave it any thought then one day I googled it.  According to Wikipedia: The Ancient Greek aphorismknow thyself” or “gnothi seauton” (Greek: γνῶθι σεαυτόν, transliterated: gnōthi seauton; also … σαυτόν … sauton with the ε contracted), is one of the Delphic maxims and was inscribed in the pronaos (forecourt) of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi according to the Greek writer Pausanias (10.24.1).[1] The aphorism came from Luxor in Ancient Egypt.

Yeah, I had a similar look on my face.  I didn’t know what to think nor could I pronounce all the words.  It wasn’t until I started going within myself did this start making any sense.

My definition of “know thyself” can be summed up in three fundamental questions.  Below I will quote excerpts from The Forbidden Religion by Jose M. Herrou Aragon.

  1. Who am I – I’m a spiritual being imprisoned in matter
  2. Why am I here – I am here to be used as a lab animal in a crazy insane experiment conceived by an inferior God. This plan requires an eternal spirit to be imprisoned, in order to use its antimatter power to impel the evolution of this impure and mortal monstrosity called body-soul.  The power of a spirit is essential so that man can at some point achieve the final objective for which he has been created:  his transformation in the demiurge.  This antimatter energy, capable by itself of putting all creation in danger, is partly deactivated and diminished so as to be used safely.  This is why the spirt must be chained up and confused, so that it contributes only an extremely small part of its potential to the sinister work of the demiurge.
  3. What must I do in this life – I must wake up. I must become aware of my real situation and find a way out.  Then I must liberate myself and escape from this prison.  As man, is transformed, he becomes aware of the absurdity of everything.  He gradually notices that other men are nothing more than spectres and ghost, and that he himself has always been one too.

I chose the aforementioned based on where the journey has lead me thus far.  It’s possible that as my journey continues I may revise how I choose to define things.  I guess that’s the beauty of it all.  At the end of the day it’s up to you and what you choose to believe in.  I’m interested in knowing your answers to the three fundamental questions above.  Please leave your answers in the comment section.